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Pure Tassar Ghicha Madhubani Maa Durga Hand Paint Silk Saree

Pure Tassar Ghicha Madhubani Maa Durga Hand Paint Silk Saree

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Embracing the spirit of Durga Puja, our Pure Tassar Ghicha Madhubani Silk Saree not only embodies the grace and elegance of tradition but also pays homage to the festival's essence. This saree, adorned with the divine image of Maa Durga, resonates with the fervor of devotion and the triumph of good over evil, mirroring the core theme of the festival. Its vibrant colors and intricate artistry capture the festive zeal and artistic expression that comes alive during Durga Puja. The luxurious silk fabric and the accompanying running blouse piece offer not just a garment but a canvas upon which you can weave your own stories of celebration, unity, and reverence during this auspicious occasion. So, when you drape this saree, you're not just adorning yourself in silk; you're enveloping yourself in the very essence of Durga Puja, carrying with you the spirit of tradition, art, and devotion that define this magnificent festival.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Shravanti Sen
She Just Loved it

My mom wore the the saree. She just loved it and so did we. Thank you

Ayushi Majumdar
Graceful Tradition

A graceful saree that embodies tradition. The silk fabric feels luxurious. .

Rahul Mukherjee
Spiritual Splendor

The saree embodies spiritual splendor. It's a 5-star choice for any occasion.

Ayush Majumdar
Timeless Beauty

The saree is a timeless beauty. The Maa Durga image adds a spiritual touch.

Aditya Borai
Regal Splendor

This saree exudes regal splendor. It's a 5-star choice for any occasion.